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As a creative agency, we create expressive design concepts of all kinds. Whether analog or digital – we are always particularly pleased when our ideas find their way into a three-dimensional end product. That’s why we are very happy that we have been able to express our passion for extraordinary concepts and local marketing in interior design on several occasions. After instructive and sweaty love projects like Eis&innig, Little Amsterdam or the Tipsy Baker Bar, we have meanwhile handed over our master builder scepter to our longtime partner ATiC Interior ( and are concentrating on our roots again: Unique Brand Spaces through unique wall design!

In order to inspire customers for your company, design in space is just as important as branding. Because that is part of your corporate identity as well. With the right design and a holistic store concept, you create a brand experience for your customers that tells your brand story and at the same time informs, inspires and entertains.

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Got a free wall that could use some style? Then Hi-TiDE™ is the right place for you! We bring your location to life with a unique mural! Because a mural can not only beautify a wall with color, but tell a visual story that your customers will remember. Whether it’s abstract, stylistically clean, or collage style, make a one-of-a-kind statement in your brand space!

We love going all-in and are happy to support you with local marketing as well, so your new highlight gets the attention it deserves. Because even the fanciest wallpaper will be ghosted if nobody knows about it. That’s why we support you with the right marketing after the last brush stroke so that your business surfs on the wave of success in the long run and everyone checks how instagramable your location is.

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