BEN& JAN is now Hi-TiDE™

BEN& JAN is now Hi-TiDE™

BEN&JAN turns FIVE! Since our foundation in 2016, our skills, our mindset and our team have grown. That’s why we gave our brand identity an update – a very important milestone on our Brand Journey so far!

Since September 2021, we are up and running with a new name, a new logo and a new color palette! Our wonderful team, spirit and values are the same.

Why the change?

We know that an agency brand isn’t just about its name on the door or how it looks. To get it right, we know it’s critical to go much deeper than just a fancy logo or color palette. The essence of an iconic and lasting brand is what it stands for, what it means to its people, customers and the wider industry.

We feel that our 5th anniversary is a perfect opportunity not only to reminisce but, above all, to look into the future. We wanted to give our brand an identity that reflects who we are today and expresses the ideas we strive to embody.

While the change seems rather significant, we want to Hi-light that our core values have not changed one bit. Our goal is to push for the highest level of creative ambition and strategic expertise, reaching young target groups wherever they hang out.

Hi-TiDE™ is Confident. Optimistic. Dynamic!

A brand is only as strong as its team so we needed a name that is not dependent on individuals – even though our agency is still proudly owner-run, but rather one that represents our team and us as the well-rehearsed squad that we are.

Hi-TiDE™ stands for a lot of different things. Literally, “high tide” is when the water is at its greatest elevation. Tides are the regular motions of the sea level. The essence of this motion has multiple sides to us as a brand. It’s about powerful, energetic, and fluid dynamics, while at the same time, there is a recurring, reliable and constant side to it.

That’s how we want to do business. We want to go with the flow, flush brands with fresh ideas and be on the highest creative and professional level possible. At the same time, striving for consistency in quality, output and our core team enable us to do what we love while working together with awesome people and brands.

Every flood has its LO-TiDE™

Every idea flood washes ashore plenty of flotsam. This is where our second brand enters the scene. With the launch of our creative service agency Hi-TiDE™, we want to introduce our new online shop Lo-TiDE™, which will follow towards the end of the year. The shop will be packed with awesome merchandise, apparel and creative steam that partly arises from past projects and makes room for our wilder side. Stay tuned:!

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