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In 2017 we were allowed to throw ourselves into the agency’s most exciting and largest all-round project to date: the construction of an ice cream parlor. In addition to the corporate design, we were also responsible for the conception, furnishing and design as well as the practical implementation of the store fitting. We also put Eis & innig on the radar for local cooperation.

Just in time for the official opening of Eis & innig, we have meanwhile thought about a suitable gift for the opening. Salt and bread seemed to us to be a bit inappropriate for an ice cream store. Therefore we decided to do an editorial about Eis & innig. And not just anywhere, but in one of Hamburg’s most widely read city magazines.

Interior Design Ansicht Eis&innig Eistheke und Kunden

The digital scene platform Geheimtipp Hamburg registers (2020) more than 215,000 fans on Facebook and 123,000 followers on Instagram. The Facebook page is also backed by a diverse website with sections such as stores & products, art & culture, or food and drink. In these sections, high-quality articles about what’s happening in Hamburg are published daily.

In the Resort Essen & Trinken, Geheimtipp Hamburg presents: “an exquisite selection of the most beautiful restaurants, cafés, bars, bistros, pubs, markets, food trucks, events & pearls of Hamburg’s gastronomy”.

And exactly here we want to position the new ice pearl Eis & innig therefore.

Wonder weapon: Media cooperation

Digital city magazines can play an important role in attracting new customers for local companies. They should therefore always be considered for local cooperation. In particular, thematically appropriate, locally leading magazines can become an important marketing instrument with their high reach, qualitative content and credibility. This applies both to increasing reach and acquiring new customers in the initial phase, as well as to stable, longer-term local cooperations.

We have already briefly introduced three high reach city magazines, which mainly advertise in and around Hamburg, in our article on local marketing. They all have a large user base on all social media channels.

In this article we show you what advertising power an advertorial can have and how to get the most out of local cooperations.

Best Case: Eis & innig

Our friends from Geheimtipp Hamburg have the city firmly under control with their daily tips. Every day, the city magazine reaches thousands of Hamburgers who want to discover their city anew.

The Geheimtipp team is immediately open for cooperation. So we can publish an advertorial about the newcomer in Hamburg’s gastronomic scene at short notice, just in time for the opening of Eis & innig.

After we have provided the team of Geheimtipp with the necessary basic information (what, when, where), the girls and boys of Geheimtipp will set off for Eis & innig with the editorial staff and photographer in their luggage. A crisp interview with the managing director, a few professional snapshots and 18 ice-cream tastings later, is the article in the box.

On Friday, April 28, 2017, before the official opening Sunday, the article goes live at Geheimtipp Hamburg:

Eis & Innig Screenshot Geheimtipp Hamburg Blogbeitrag

On April 29th, prime time, the Facebook posting on the Geheimtipp Hamburg fan page will move up. Equipped with some media budget, the post reaches 120,000 people in Hamburg. A total of almost 300 Hamburg residents respond to the posting with like-minded information, comments and shared content. More than 3,000 people reached click on the post to read the article on the website of Geheimtipp Hamburg.

Already on the evening of publication Eis & innig registers 314 fans and 328 subscribers on its own Facebook-Page. At this point six people got wind of the ice cream parlor’s silent opening even before the official opening and checked in as visitors via the Facebook check-in at Eis & innig.

Eis & innig Screenshot Geheimtipp Hamburg Facebook Post Blogbeitrag

The first paid range is followed by support

Eis & innig Screenshot Mit Vergnügen Hamburg Facebook Post

Meanwhile, another city magazine is surprisingly playing into the ice cream store’s cards and is publishing a Facebook posting shortly before the kick-off. With 73,000 Facebook fans and 56,800 followers (2020) on Instagram, Mit Vergnügen Hamburg also has a remarkably high reach. In addition to the Facebook posting, the city magazine publishes an Instagram story about their visit to Eis & innig. The city magazine almost seems to have eaten a fool with our heart project. In May, Eibe and his handmade ice cream even made it into the ranking of the top 11 best ice cream shops in Hamburg. Eis & innig occupies 4th place.

Eis & innig Mit Vergnügen Hamburg Ranking-Post Bestes Eis


Digital city magazines, which already have a high reach and regional focus, are a great multiplier for local companies. The number of reactions to the Facebook postings as well as the fan numbers of Eis & innig gently prove how fruitful local cooperations can be: less than four weeks after the opening, 522 people have already marked the Facebook page of the ice cream store with Like and 32 people used the check-in function of Facebook-Places. Everything about the conception of Eis & innig you can find out in our Case Eis & innig – Hamburgs neue Eisdiele.


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